Sunday, March 12, 2017


Well, as you can all see I failed terribly at my goal of trying to post on this blog at least twice a week. I also failed on getting you the GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy's! and for that I am so so so very sorry. Our life the last month has been completely insane. I haven't had time to think about posting let alone if I have showered today....(I'm kidding, I shower every day. But you get the point)

We were very lucky to have my stepfather aka Papa D and my mother aka MeMaw stay the entire month here in Arizona with us. We loved every second of it. They rented this cute little cabin about 10 minutes away and got to spend all day everyday with their Grand baby! Needless to say when March 5th arrived and they had to go back to Utah, Mak and I were depressed for about 3 days straight. I'll admit, I am still pretty sad. During the month they were here, we also were able to have many visitors. The first week was my Granny, Brother and his family. The next week was Kelly's family..the entire family. The third weekend, we had some friends stay 2 separate nights at our house and then March 1st thru 3rd, We got some of our best friends to stay with us. We can pretty much say that we are Jerome, AZ aficionado's....I may or may not have spelt that completely wrong but you get it. We loved having visitors, we loved showing them where we lived and we loved spending quality much needed time with everyone. It was an exhausted but wonderful month. I also started my job in the middle of January and work every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night shift, meaning 10 pm to 6 am. It has been rough but I am getting used to it.

I will try to remember to at least post the weekly GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy's post but I can't promise anything at this point in time. We will see out it goes.

For now! FORE!!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have had a great start to your week. The past few days have been a blurr. I have worked the last two nights, graveyard shifts that is. I am slowly getting used it but it's taken a hit on me that is for sure. Anyways, onto this weeks got to love it post.....


If you already know about this company then you know how great it is. I just found out about this company last week when I decided I wanted to clean out my closet. This company allows you to sell your unwanted, in style clothes through them. You can even order a bag, fill it up and ship it back. They go through the articles of clothing and decide if it can be sold and for how much. Then they pay you for that item and then turn around and sell it to someone else. This is simply amazing. What they don't think will sell, will be donated. This takes the hassle of having to run everything to the D.I./Goodwill and also pays you to clean out your closet. I just got my bag and will be cleaning out my closet this week. SUPER EXCITED....You can check them out here if your interested.

Safety 1st Grow N' Go 3-in-1 Car Seat

Awhile back I was shopping for some 3 in 1 car seats for my little girl. I literally read millions of reviews and safety guidelines for a number of different kinds of Car Seats. I seriously had anxiety over the dang thing. I finally found one that I really liked and took the plunge. We purchased the Safety 1st Grow N' Go 3-in-1 Car Seat because it had good reviews and safety guidelines. Of course, like everything, there were some Debbie downers that had be doubting my decision but after the Car Seat arrived and we got it installed, I couldn't be more happy about my decision. Its cute, comfortable, affordable and fits snug and perfect. Better yet, this car seat will last us until we need a booster so it saves me money in the long run. If you are on the lookout for a new car seat, I highly recommend this car seat. There are a lot of places to purchase this seat but we got ours here.

Ipsy Bag

I am sure most of you ladies out there have already heard of or currently are receiving a monthly Ipsy bag but if you aren't you should seriously check them out. This is coming from someone who isn't too knowledgeable on hair products, makeup products, nail products or anything to care for those things. I have been the type of person to try any and everything and if it works I keep using it if not I try something else. Well.... when you sign up with Ipsy, you pay $10/month and on or around the 15th of each month, you get a cute little bag with roughly 5 or 6 full size or sample size items to try for your hair, face, body, nails, etc. I have found some amazing products through this monthly gift plus it's always fun to get something mysterious and try it out. Your missing out if you aren't receiving one of these. Go sign up for yours here....

Well that's all I have for this weeks GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy. I hope you have a wonderful week.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy!...err...Thursday

I will have to admit that this past week got away from me.... Between being a mom, wife and training for my new job, I don't know whether its day or night or Thursday or Monday let alone the time. So I apologize that I didn't get in another post but I have one for this next week. Anyways, lets move onto this weeks Got to love it's!!!

Last Resort Bra

If you are well endowed upstairs or just need to cage in the Ta Ta's, you need to be purchasing this sports bra. I have searched high and low for a sports bra that offers great support and little to no bounce. I have recently started picking up being sorta healthy and trying to work out and when you have knockers galore, it makes it hard. Although, I did not purchase this bra at full price, I would totally pay full price for another and probably purchase one in the next couple weeks. You can find them on Amazon here. Seriously if you need some serious support no matter what you are doing, I highly recommend you purchase one of these.

Veggie Straws

These things are amazing. I have always been skeptical about them until I tried them at our play date last week. They are super delicious. Better yet, my picky 20 month old loved them as well. So we ran to WalMart and purchased our own bag. We love them and are super addicted. We have only tried the Zesty Ranch flavor but they are amazing and they aren't half bad for you. If you have a picky eater, you should try these but really you should just try them anyways.


Everyone and anyone knows about Nike! But I just had to post about my new Nike Zoom shoes my husband purchased for my birthday. They are super comfy, lightweight and adorbs! These are the most expensive pair of shoes that I will ever own but I will so that they are definitely worth every penny. If you are shopping for a new pair of tennis shoes, check yourself out some Zooms! You won't be disappointed.

Well that is all for this Week and I apologize for the delay on this weeks post. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you guys back here next Tuesday!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy!!!

Well Hello There! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday so far.

Today's post might be short and sweet. I worked graveyard last night and am trying to get a nap when the little one goes down so time is of the essence.


Most of you know may know about E.L.F (Eyes, Lips, Face) makeup When they first started, they were an inexpensive makeup company. If I remember right most of their products were only $1.00. However, they have enhanced their products and like everything the prices have gone up but they are still an affordable product that has excellent coverage. Lately, I have been wanting to learn to contour but didn't want to have to spend an arm and a leg on product to end up wasting it because I decided not to contour. So when I found E.L.F's contour palette for only $6.00 I knew I had to purchase it. After watching YouTube videos on how to contour I gave it a try and it worked very well. In fact, the video I watched was for the E.L.F Palette itself and the lady who created the video, said the this palette compared to the expensive brands just as good. So if you are interested in learning to contour or if you already do and are sick of spending a ton of money on palette's, go check out E.L.F. You can find their products in the makeup aisle at Walmart and Target.

Bailey's Blossoms

For you moms out there that are always trying good quality and inexpensive clothing for your kiddos, look no more. Bailey's Blossoms has adorable clothes that are inexpensive and really great quality. We are currently in love with all their rompers. When you have a little girl and you love to shop, you have to find the inexpensive items and Bailey's Blossoms is that spot. They are seriously the cutest clothes at prices that do not hurt your wallet. Check them out HERE. You can even download their FREE app if you have an Android or iPhone.

Well the little one is ready for a nap so I am going to have to cut today's post short. I apologize for this but promise I will try to share 4 new things next week.

Have a great TUESDAY!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bacon, Ranch Cauliflower Bites

Today I thought I would share with you a new recipe I found for something healthy to snack on. I have never been a HUGE fan of Cauliflower until I tried this recipe. Now I am hooked and I just want to eat these 24/7.

The recipe I found used a food processor to chop up the head of cauliflower but I just used my blender since I don't have a food processor...sad I know...maybe one day I will get one.


1 Head of Cauliflower
2 Eggs
6 Slices of Bacon
1 Ranch Packet
2 Cups of Cheese

***If you have found this recipe somewhere else, you may notice mine is slightly different but they taste exactly the same.

Preheat oven to 400 F. Bake for 15 minutes or until crispy. Chop into bits.

Step 1: Chop head of Cauliflower into tiny chunks using a blender or food processor.
Step 2: Mix cauliflower, eggs, 3/4 of the bacon bits, the ranch packet and 1 1/2 C of cheese into large bowl.

Step 3: Using cooking spray, butter or coconut oil, Coat a muffin pan.
Step: 4: Scoop mixture into muffin pan and sprinkle with remaining cheese.
Step 5: Bake at 375 F for 20 minute or until crispy and cheese is melted.

Let Cool and ENJOY!

They are simply delicious and super easy to make.

Hope you love them as much as my family did.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy!!!!!

Hey Y'all!
Hope you have had a great week and have started all your goals out with a bang! I have been successful with my goals so far this year. Granted its only been 10 days into the new year but still I feel pretty good and plan on keeping my goals and obtaining them. In fact, I posted twice last week which was a huge improvement....again its only been 10 days but I feel pretty good about posting twice last week.

Anyways, onto why we are here for today's post. Since deciding on these Got to love it Tuesdays, I have tried a lot of new things and I have used or tried what I already own again and realize what I have....OK that didn't make sense but hopefully you get my point. This weeks GoT tO lOvE tUeSdAy is all for the parents out there today. Hope you Enjoy!

So for those of you who have children... Most of you probably already know this but if you haven't after reading this post, you will know. For my baby shower, we did a diaper raffle. Therefore, I received a huge lump sum of all sorts of brands of diapers and sizes. In fact, I didn't have to purchase a package of diapers until my child was like 10 months old. It was nice and everyone should do this when they have a baby shower. Anyways, since having to purchase diapers, I have always stayed with Huggies Little Movers. I have loved them and they hold really well. However, I decided to give Kirkland brand diapers from Costco a try. For $5 to almost $10 less (depending on the sale), you get the same amount (I believe, if not like 5 diapers more or less), same great protection and I feel like they move better with my little girl. And if I am saving money to get something just as good why not. Don't get me wrong, I love our Huggies and will used them occasionally  (when there are better sales) but for now I think Kirkland Brand is the way to go!!!!! You should give them a try.

Again for the parents....We are absolutely in love with Carter's at our house. They have great quality, inexpensive kids clothes. Plus they are super super cute. You can find Carter's clothes at a few large retailers such as Kohl's and JcPenney or they have their own stores. We usually just watch the website because they have amazing sales all the time and you can do it from the comfort of your couch or while your on the go and not have to stop into a store. Seriously, they wash up really well, last for quite some time, are inexpensive, are super cute and usually fit true to size. If you haven't tried Carter''s, which I am assuming most of you moms out there have, you need to try them now!!!! Click HERE to check them out.

And last but not least.....Cat & Jack Clothing!
Have you all heard of this brand. If you shop at Target then I am sure you have! We have also fallen in love with this brand of clothing. They are stylish, wash up well, inexpensive, fit pretty true to size and....drum roll please..... have a 1 year warranty.... Yes you read that right. They have a one year warranty. So if you have a seam that rips or something happens to the clothes besides the normal wear and tear or stains, they have a warranty for it. And who doesn't love warranties and being taken care of. This company was thinking when they offered that. If you haven't tried them out, you really should look into them. Plus they don't just offer baby clothes but offer clothes up to young kids sizes too. Click HERE to check them out.

Well that's it for this week's GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy! Hope you all enjoyed it and hope you all have an amazing week. Also, I wanted to note that I have not been reimbursed with discounts or monetary offerings for posting about the products I talk about. These reviews are strictly because I was to share them with all of you.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Closet Organization

So if you read my post about my goals for 2017, you will know that one of them is to get organized. Not just my house but my life and everything else entirely. But I thought I would begin by organizing something in our house. We moved to Arizona a few months ago and have found that homes in Arizona just don't come with much storage places. This makes it so hard to not look like pack rats. Seriously everyone just uses their garages as their storage it seriously boggles my mind. But anyways, we do have one coat closet and one little tiny I guess you could call it a linen closet. Well this linen closet has become my catch all, so today, I have decided to clean it up as much as I can to make it look a lot better and a little more organized.

Here is the before picture......
Hideous.. I know....
So I headed on over to the dollar tree and purchased some small bins. They didn't have any basic colors so I went for pink and blue. Now keep in mind this is NOT as organized as I want it to be but it is 10x more organized then what it was. And it only took me like 15 minutes to do it.

And here is the after....

Like I said, it's not as organized as I would like it to be but its so much better than before and now I can actually find something without taking the whole closet apart. 

Thanks for stopping by to check out my first organization attempt.