Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hey Everyone!
I have decided to enter the world of day to day blogging with the millions of other women who post on their family, their designs and their ways of organization. Most of you have followed my husband and I at or you may have followed my friend Jennie and I on our business blog at You are probably thinking why do you have 3 blogs? Well I decided to start another one so this way I can have one for my family, one for my business and one to bring both of those together plus more. I figured this would help me start fresh on everything. This blog will allow you to follow me in my quest to become more organized, crafty and more balanced in our lives. I have been inspired by a few SAHM (stay at home mom) blogs and hope that they will come over and introduce themselves to you guys. Again, please follow me on my long journey of becoming more organized, crafty and balanced in my life at Tee Off With Charle.

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