Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Meet the Bloggers" Series

Ok! Seeing that I will not be near a computer tomorrow and posting on my phone is complicated aka I haven't figured out how to do it yet... I will start the "Meet The Bloggers" series tonight. Technically this will be Monday's post. I will try to post something Tuesday but I am not promising anything as we will be getting home late that night. I will post the "Meet The Blogger" posts as soon as more come in.

Today! I would like to introduce to you, Heather from Small Fry & Co.

I have known Heather since I was a Junior in High School. She married my basketball coach, Greg. She is a pretty creative person if I do say so myself. I will let her tell you a little about herself and what not. Then after you read about her, head on over to her page HERE!

Hi my name is Heather and I write a blog called Small Fry & Co. It is a blog about crafting, sewing, cooking, and motherhood with bits and pieces of other things mixed in. Charle asked me to do a guest post for her and since I have known her as long as I have known my husband (he was her basketball coach) I couldn't say no. I started blogging about 9 months after having my first daughter. I was feeling like my creative juices were being sucked out of me by diapers and formula and late nights. I hadn't even looked at a blog before that and was sure that blogging wasn't something that I wanted to do but a friend of mine recommended a couple of sites and I was so amazed to see so many creative ideas and so many wonderful and amazing things being done by average women and mothers (some of the time) like me. I knew it was something that I wanted to try. So I did a couple of projects and started writing a crafting blog. I had a desire to have a blog that would be read by more than my family so I started networking and submitting my ideas to other blogs and leaving comments and worked really hard to get a few readers that I didn't know. I knew if I could it would begin to grow. Now nearly 3 years later I am getting closer to having the blog that I dreamed of. It is alot of hard work and can be very tiring sometimes but I still have a passion for it and find great personal fulfillment in it. Plus it keeps my creative juices flowing and I love and need that.

Thanks Heather for guest posting for me, I truly appreciate it. Now everyone go check her out and spread the love.

Yours Truly!

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