Monday, November 28, 2011

My Goodness!!

I wish I could tell you the reason for the absent posts was because I was crazy busy... But I would just be lying to you if I did. The truth is that I have been taking it easy. I have been enjoying my time off. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my husbands family. MIL is the oldest of 10 kids so you could imagine the amount of people who were at the party. But we had a blast and I love his family. Did I mention the food was AMAZING. That night Brooke and I decided to go to Black Friday! We went at tne and HOLY PEOPLE! It was crazy. We weren't there for anything special until around Midnight when Kelly told me to get a TV so I did and lucky I didn't have to punch someone's lights out for it. It was fun!

Friday I decided I would go to Green River and see my family. My Aunt Crystal and her family had drove all the way from Missouri for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to see them. While I was in Green River I got to help my mom put up her Christmas Tree. This is our tradition, every year on the weekend after Thanksgiving I help her. I loved it. I miss my mom a ton and love every minute we get together. I hate it when I have to leave and I know she hates it too. It is hard not being able to see them as often as I would like. But when I get the chance I take it and go. It was nice to see my brother healing well and my dad still working his butt off like any other farmer I know. I love you guys and miss you tons!

Today I decided to start decorating my tiny abode for Christmas. I started the day before Thanksgiving but didn't get very far. Today I managed to put a dent in it and will post pictures soon. I know we don't get a lot of guests but I like to decorate it so Kelly and I can enjoy it. I always think to myself I better enjoy it down before we start to have kids and they start pulling everything down or off the tree.

Well, enough of me rambling.... I will leave you with my "What I like about you....Pinterest" and the November favorites.....


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