Monday, December 12, 2011


Well, I do have to apologize for taking a few days to post. I have been busy so it seems and the time just seems to never slow down. I have so much do within the next few days. As most of  you probably know my friend Jennie and I have a small business for Jewelry, Crafts and Home Decor. You can check us out atSmall Town Designs.
Anyways, we have had a few orders come in and between both my jobs and my life at home, I am going to try and accomplish completing those items by Saturday. Hopefully I can get them all done Thursday night and to the customer by Friday afternoon. I have about 6 items to get completed. Plus I only have purchased 3 items from my long christmas list. So I have a feeling this weekend and beginning of next week is also going to be crazy busy. I love the Christmas season so much. I get all excited to see my family and friends. I am mainly excited to see what I have gotten for Christmas, yes I admit it, I am still a KID at heart. I am also excited to see all my family and friends faces when they open their gifts from not only Kelly and I but from the rest of our family. I get to go to Green River this year as it is my families turn to have us. Unfortunately, Kelly does not get to join me as he was blessed with a really good job and has just started so he will not be given the holiday off. He will just have to open his presents over Skype for my mom.

AHHHHH!!!  I am so excited now for Christmas I can not even explain.

As you have seen I have had a couple ladies guest post on my blog for the "Meet The Blogger" series. I hope you have went and visited both of them. They are both so talentd and so much fun to follow. Seriously, I think I might be addicted to blog stalking. Do you think I should call a therapist? ah ah ah

Well. I will leave you with "What I like about you... Pinterest" Hope you enjoy and come back for more.

<3 Charle

"What I Like About You...Pinterest"
I think this is adorable. I might have to make me one.
I thought this was a cute idea.
I totally want one of these.
I thought this was the funniest thing. Know my husband he would totally wear this.

I think I might go get my nails done.. What do you say?

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