Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life is like a rollercoaster

It is amazing how much life is truly like a rollercoaster. You start out on level ground with the thoughts rolling through your head of being scared of what lies ahead or thinking about how whimpy everyone else is and that you think it is going to be nothing. Then you start the climb..... You know that jerk and then the slow chain grinding climb to the top of the first drop. Right then your thoughts change to "OH CRAP! what did I get myself into." :) You finally, after 30 long seconds of chain grinding climbing reach the top and take a deep breath and think to yourself "Ok I made it I am good to go." Then the front of the cart tips over the edge and down you go. You scream, you cry, you hang on for dear life and then suddenly it levels again. You look to the person sitting next to you and say "That was it!"

It is crazy really! You start out being a baby and then into a toddler with no worries but is my mother gonna feed me yet. Then you become a teenager worrying about how cute you look, your weight, blah blah blah blah blah... Then you enter adult hood. You start college, meet a nice guy and get married. As a young couple you struggle with low cash flow and trying to get school finished. You think when is this ever going to end. Then you take the next step and start a family and again you may have your careers but with a new member you are still low on cash. Then comes the struggles you go through together as a family. We all know what they are or can be don't we? You think to yourself daily and think when are these struggles going to end when, will I finally have relief and not have to stress about my family, my financial issues or any other issue life throws at you. You continue to go on with life and watch as your kids grow and go through the drama and the struggles life throws at them as well. They get married and begin to have their families and go through everything you do plus some. Then you sit back and you realize the time has come where you are done with your struggles and ready to sit back with the ones you love and enjoy it. But that is after you look to your spouse and say "That was it"!

You don't realize that life has it's curves and it's ups and downs. You think at the time that it's that dreadful climb that you hate everytime you get on the rollercoaster but you don't think that it was as easy as it really seems after the fact.

I hope that made sense. It did to me while I was typing it.

My BIL's (brother-in-law) and the hubby's best friend ZB, spoke in Church today for his farewell. He did such a good job. We are so proud of him. As I sat there and listened to him this thought came to mind. He is such a good example to everyone. He has lived his life to the fullest and doesn't let anything hold him back. He is serving in India and will be gone for 2 years. My BIL is currently serving in Australia. You don't realize how much people are apart of your life until they are leaving. It seems like yesterday that BIL, ZB and hubby were in the other room playing Modern Warfare and yelling at each other or the screen like it was real life. When the silence is gone you can't help but think to yourself about the memories you shared with them or how it would be if they were there right now. I know ZB will be an awesome missionary and will enjoy his time in India. We can't wait to have both him and BIL back home.

This was a random post but I felt like letting it all out so to say.

I hope you enjoyed. Do you have any one in your family gone on a mission or leaving?


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