Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm Back!

I bet you guys thought I fell off the edge of the earth... If that was anyway possible I would probably be the one to do it. Ha Ha Ha! I have been crazy busy this year so far. We have been working like crazy, softball trips and life in general has been hectic. Hopefully, I can now settle down a little bit and take more time to post more often.

I will be doing a tutorial on some valentine hearts I am painting hopefully later this afternoon but we wil see ha ha ha

For now....I'll leave you with my "What I like about you...Pinterest" finds:

I need this room really really bad.
I have some extra shutters and would like to make this
I have some friends and family that are prego or just had a baby and I want to make them this sign. Its cute

I love these sayings ha ha ha
Although I did not get the real ones I still love them. I want some real ones though

Thank you!

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