Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shutter Headboard Tutorial


So my husband helped me build this shutter headboard for our bedroom and I decided I would share how we made ours for all of you in case you catch a wild hair like us and decide to make one. It was made at a pretty decent price. I was looking at headboards before I decided on this and the cheapest was like $100 but it was a piece of crap and the one I really wanted was like $250 and that was just the headboard not even the foot board or frame. So when I got a hold of these shutter closest doors I decided I would make my own. This one.....after the cost of wood, screws and brackets it maybe cost $70 (maybe). My MIL (mother-in-law) gave me the closet doors and the paint was free (Thanks to Ace Hardware especially the one in Green River) and with the help of my awesome husband we got it completed.....
I wasn't sure about doing a tutorial so I kind of just took random pictures of us doing it so here is my version of the tutorial....

Step 1
Cut the closet doors in half so you only get the shutter part. We had some issues with a couple of the shutters where they came apart and we had to put each shutter one by one back together and then screw the ends so they would stay put. It was a pain but I love it and it is worth every second of making it.

Step 2:
Then we laid it out how we would like to put it together. (Don't mind the messy spare room)

Step 3:
Once you have it laid out like you want it, flip the shutters and boards to have the side you want on the front to be face down.

Step 4:
We used flat brackets to secure the shutters to the top and bottom 1 x 6's. 

 Some of the shutters weren't even from top to bottom so we had to use the extra wood pieces that were attached to the closet doors to pull them closer together but you can use flat brackets as well we just had the wood pieces available and it seemed to work great.

 (Here is a photo of all the brackets on the back of the shutters once they were all screwed into place)

 Step 5:
I don't know what they call these brackets for sure but I just called them twist brackets. We measured and marked where we wanted them on the 4 x 4 posts and screwed them into place. We then twisted the posts so the other part of the bracket laid on the oustide shutters. Again, we measured and marked where we wanted them and then secured them into the 1 x 6 boards and NOT the shutters.

 This is what it looked like once we had it secured to the 4 x 4 posts. This was not very stable. So we added more flat brackets and L-shape brackets to secure the board.

And with the bottom parts of the shutter closet doors and what was left of the 4 x 4 posts, we are making a foot board. Once painted and finished we will attached our bed frame to the 4 x 4 posts to make it more sturdy.

Here is what it looks like with my first coat of paint. Once it is completed and it placed in our room along with all the other stuff to go with it, I will post the final picture.

Thanks for checking out my tutorial. Now you can make one on your own.

*None of these photos were edited.

If you really want me to I could make you one but it would cost more than what I made this one for. As I had noted before I got the paint and shutter closet doors  for free.

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  1. Thank you so much. I'm feeling very inspired right now. Will be going out to buy the goodies I need to finish this off. A friend gave me some shutters and I've always wanted a heard board that looks like this. Thank you.