Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 ReCaP

Wow...2015 seemed to fly by. Honestly where does the time go. When you actually want it to slow down so you can enjoy it, it seems to speed right up.
As I lay here next to my sweet little family, I thought I would share with you our life in 2015....
APRIL 2015 -
Kelly and I took the plunge and purchased our first home. It's small and cozy but has great potential. We fell in love with it and of course the price and couldn't pass it up. I am excited to update it and make it our comfy cozy home. Can't wait to share all our projects with you guys.
MAY 2015 -
Kelly and I got to meet our sweet little baby girl, Makelle. She has brought so much light to our lives and honestly I now understand why people say, "I couldn't imagine life without her." Because seriously I can't. I will share my birth story and our trying for a baby trials. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and we would not trade her for anything in the world.
AUGUST 2015 -
Kelly decided he finally wanted a truck and He actually talked me into it too. So we decided to make another big purchase and get one. We love it and makes life a lot easier when you need to haul something off ha ha ha.
We did alot of traveling for the holidays and a lot of other fun stuff throughout the year but I do have to say that we were very blessed in 2015 and hope that 2016 brings even more blessings.
Can't wait to share all of our life events and fun projects throughout this next year with you guys. I surely hope you enjoy it as much as we do and share your life with us as well.
Thanks again for poppin' in....but for now I am out. I have a hard working husband snoring next to me and a sweet baby girl yelling at me for attention. Love my life....FORE!!!

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