Friday, January 29, 2016

Laundry Basket Organizer Tutorial

This past weekend, my husband and I had the joy of being off together for 3 days in a row. So what did I do, I put him to work. I at least was nice and let him relax for the first couple of days but then started on a project the last day. In our house, we only have one bathroom for the time being. To get to that bathroom, besides going through our Master Bedroom, you have to walk through the laundry room. It always bugs me that my laundry baskets and dirty or clean laundry is all over in that room at any given time unless for some amazing reason I am all caught up....spsh... what am I saying I am never caught up with laundry. Anyways, it bugs me that people have to walk past all my clothes and what not to get to the restroom. So I talked my husband into building me a laundry basket organizer to help hide the baskets or at least make the room look more clean. We have the perfect little corner in our laundry room for something like this so it worked out perfect. I have seen some laundry basket organizers that are moveable and on wheels. We found our tutorial on pinterest but since every room or area is different we kind of just winged it. So I decided that I would provide you guys with our tutorial of how we created our organizer.

Step 1: Purchase your product and Organize your tools.
(Obviously you can't complete a project without doing this step)
- 1/2 inch x 8ft x 5 ft sheet of partical board. We didn't want the texture of plywood to come through and wanted a smooth finish so it looked decent after paint.
- 1" x 2" x 8ft Boards(1 to 2) (We had some extra wood laying around so we used that but this is approximately the measurements you could purchase.
- 2" x 2" x 8ft Board (1). (Again we had this on hand but purchased from our local hardware store)
- Handful of 2 to 3 inch screws.
- Drill

Step 2:  Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Obviously every area is going to be different or if you are making a moveable organizer than the size you want to make depends.

We made measurements so that the organizer was built in and kind of blended in with the wall.

First we measured the height. We wanted to be able to fit 3 large laundry baskets in the organizer. You can make adjustments for more or less if you please.
We then measured the width of each basket and then then compensated for the width of the supports that we would slide each basket onto. We didn't make a support for the bottom one because we figured it could just slide and sit on the floor.

We then continued to make the measurements for each support that we used.

Step 3: Put it all together.
We then pieced it all together and made adjustments here and there as needed.

 And Wallah!!!!

All it needs now is paint and d├ęcor. I will post pictures once I get to that point. Hopefully that is soon.

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