Friday, January 15, 2016

Makelle's Birth Story

In my previous post, I told you all that I would share my little girls birth story, so here it goes. It's not like the other cool birth stories you read or the ones where they do it natural and at home in a birthing tub but it was my first pregnancy and would love to share it with you.

My due date was estimated to be May 28th, 2015.

Monday, May 25th, 2015....
I had the day off of work because it was the Memorial Day holiday. I was feeling pretty normal but really excited that my due date was only 3 days away. My husband was on the graveyard shift and really wanted me to go into labor so that he had a good excuse to leave. Ha Ha Ha. Every one kept telling me to go for a walk and it would help move things along so that evening after Kelly had left for work, I decided I would take a long walk. I walked for 3.5 miles and was feeling great. Tired...but great. Kelly continued to text me for updates but I didn't have any. I did my normal nightly routine and went to bed at about 10:00pm. I was scheduled for my 40 week appointment the next day at 2:30pm and we were hoping I was dilated or was at least showing some signs of getting close.
Me at 39 Weeks!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015.......3:30am.....CONTRACTION
At first I thought I just had a really bad stomach ache so I just kept tossing and turning in my bed and wasn't really thinking it was contractions. HELLO, I was asleep, how was I supposed to know or realize for that matter that it was a contraction. It finally went away after a few minutes. Then about 15 minutes later it happened again. This continued off and on till about 5:00am. Again, it didn't click that these could be contractions until one lasted a little bit longer and hurt more than just a stomach ache kind of hurt. I woke up and got in the shower thinking that if we were going to the hospital, I wanted to feel and look halfway decent. As soon as the water hit my stomach, the contractions went away. I got out and continued to get ready to go into work...Still no contractions. Kelly got home at 6:00am and asked how I was feeling. I told him that I had some contractions until 5 but had nothing since. He made him some breakfast as I continued to get ready for work.... 6:20....Still nothing. He asked why I was going to work if I was having contractions. I told him why sit at home and not do anything when I could go make us some money before I have the baby. ha ha ha ha. I was feeling fine and still had no contractions so I headed to work. Husband was mad but oh well. What do you do right?

Walking into work I have to take a couple sets of stairs. On the first set, I could feel a slight contraction by the second set, it was a full on contraction and I had to stop for a minute or so to let it pass. Didn't think much about it so I kept going. Got into work and sat down. My contractions continued to come and go every 15 minutes or so but they were lasting about 2 minutes. By 9:30am I was hurting so bad, I knew that I should call the doctor. Like I had said before I had an appointment that day at 2:30pm but thought I would call and see if he would want me to come in earlier. When I spoke with the doctor, he recommended that I come in and be monitored for a little bit to see what was going on. So I left work and drove back home to pick up Kelly and get our hospital bag and car seat. We had to make sure we had everything because the hospital that we would be delivering at was 45 minutes away and we wouldn't be able to just run home and grab it.

We arrived at the hospital and was sent to Labor and Delivery to be monitored. They checked me as soon as I got dressed into the gown and measured me at a 3. Let me just tell you that being checked is absolutely the most horrible thing every about being pregnant........OUCH!.... After an hour and a half of being monitored, they checked me again. No change. They asked us to go walk around for an hour or so to see if that would help me progress. So Kelly and I started making laps around the hospital. Keep in mind I was in jeans and the hospital gown as we made multiple laps around this small hospital. People were looking at us like we were CRAY CRAY!!!.

We returned back to the labor and delivery area and was sent back to our room to continue to be monitored. My contractions had gotten closer but they were still 2 minutes long. They were still very painful. With each one, I honestly thought I was going to break the hospital bed. They finally came and checked me at about 2:00pm and I had progressed to a 4. They said they would need to contact the doctor to see if he wanted to continue to monitor me or to just send me home. After what seemed like an eternity but really was only about 20 minutes, the nurse finally came back and told us that we would be admitted and that we were going to be having this baby. We got excited and started calling the family to let them know. We called my mom first because she was patiently waiting for us to tell her to get on the road. I say patiently, because really she was probably bouncing around freaking out that she should have left hours ago. I don't think she even gave me enough time to explain what was happening. All I remember was her waiting for me to say get on the road and then click. She had to drive a few hours to get to us and she was extremely worried she was going to miss out on the birth of her first grand baby.

........3:00pm.....THE EPIDURAL.
Dr. Bailey came to say hi and talk to us about the whole delivery process. When he walked in he noticed that I was in extreme pain and uncomfortable. He had told me before that he would like to wait until I was at a 5 to get the epidural because it would be less likely to slow down the labor but he could see that I was in extreme pain and approved for me to get the epidural.

Let me just tell you the Anesthesiologist was freaking amazing! I was so scared to get the epidural only because I had seen the needle and heard lots of horror stories about being paralyzed or not numbed enough and what not. I was TERRIFIED. He made it all better.

He had me turn to the side of the bed and hunch over. Kelly helped by holding my shoulder down so that I would stay hunched over. He told me that he would explain what he was doing step by step so that I could prepare myself. Kelly said that when he was telling me that he was putting the needle in, he had already put it in and was actually taping me up. He psyched me out to the point I did not feel a thing. Seriously he was awesome. I can't get over it.

The nurse came in and checked me to see if there was any progress now that I had received the epidural and my body had a chance to relax from the contractions. She had good news and I had jumped from a 4 to 6 within the hour. She stated she would be back in a little bit to check me again. I finally tried to relax and take a power nap. I was exhausted from the painful contractions and Kelly was exhausted cause he was only able to get 2 hours of sleep that morning when he got off of his graveyard shift. My mom finally arrived at about 5:00pm. One of the nurse assistants came in and informed us that the RN had all intentions to come in an check me but another women had just arrived to deliver her baby as well so she was checking her in and getting everything set to go on her.
Finally at about 6:00pm she came to check me again....Bad News....I was only dilated to a 7. So the epidural had sped me up but then slowed me down. We were bummed because we were hoping to be further along then a 7.

Anyways time went by..... Our family started to arrive......... Kelly decided that since it was going to be awhile till we had to worry about anything he would take his family to dinner. While he was gone I rested and visited with my mom. I kept asking her if my legs were swollen because that is how the epidural made it feel. When I need to adjust my position, I would try to move my leg and it felt like I was working so hard to move it and all the sudden I would just see my big toe move.....Seriously it was hard to move a numb leg. Kelly and his family returned and while we waited in the room, his family sat in the waiting room.

The nurse came back in to check me for progress..... GOOD NEWS.... I was at an 8. Not as far as we would have liked to be but it was progress right.

12:00pm..................Nurse checked me a 9!. Still not where we wanted to be but progress.

2:30pm....................Nurse checked me again..... FINALLY I WAS AT A 10! Hallelujah we were going to have this baby. The nurse told us she would call the doctor and started to prepare our room for delivery. Kelly told the nurse that he needed to talk to her. He informed her that his chair would be facing the wall at the head of the bed so that he could hold my hand but he was not going to hold a leg or cut the cord. He kept saying that I can deal with this stuff but not when it is someone you love.

The doctor arrived within the next 15 minutes and checked me. He confirmed I was at a 10 but the baby wasn't as low in the birth canal as he wanted her to be so he told us he was going to wait a little bit longer. Kelly was furious. He was tired and just wanted to meet his baby girl. He was so mad at the doctor.

5:00am..........The doctor arrived, checked me and stated the baby was now low enough that we could start to push. Kelly held my hand during the whole process. Nine pushes later and our beautiful baby girl and made her debut at 5:22am.. The umbilical cord was super short so they let my mom cut it and then they handed Makelle to me for skin to skin. I couldn't help but cry. The emotions that poured over me were indescribable. It was our miracle, our blessing. She was the most beautiful thing ever.

She arrived weighing a whopping 8lbs 4oz. and measuring in at 20.5 inches. Kelly did not leave her side at all that day. He was one proud daddy. My love for him grew even more that day.

I loved every moment of my pregnancy and my delivery. I am so blessed that I was able to experience this. Especially after we tried for so long. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful baby. She is perfect and our whole word. Hard to believe that she is 7 months old.

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