Sunday, February 14, 2016

DIY Twine Vases

So tonight I decided to make some twine vases for my kitchen and thought I would share how I made them with you. They are super easy,.

I found 3 bottles..well in my case I drank 3 of the Starbucks frappuccino (can you say addict) and saved the jars. (don't worry I didn't drink all three of them tonight).

Then I started on the bottom of the jar. I applied a short strip of hot glue and then wrapped the twine on top of the glue to keep it secure. I only did a line of hot glue around the whole bottom to hold it together and then again when the bottle started to narrow, other than that I just did a line of hot glue on the back of the bottle each time I wrapped the twine around. 

I did the same thing to each bottle and here is my end result. I think they turned out pretty cute. 

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