Thursday, June 23, 2016

MinWax Express Color Wiping Stain & Finish

Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you got a sneak peak at what this post is about. Lucky for you!!!!

One of my friends is getting married next month and asked me to make her a heart pallet board for decoration. I'm sure you all have seen these type of boards especially on pinterest but people are selling them for like $85. Those people are either, (ONE) making Bookoo bucks off of every board they sell or (TWO) are buying really high-quality products to build this thing with because it literally only cost me like $15 for just the products and only took maybe like 30 minutes to make. Sorry rant over.... So anyway I decided to start the project last night because we might be moving and I'm not sure how busy I'll be getting so I thought I would knock it out of the park instead of waiting till the last minute so I went to our local hardware store to get my products. The people there helped me out so much. I knew exactly what I wanted and they were willing to get it for me and not tried to sale me on something else. 

When it came time to choose the stain, I was just going to get the normal Minwax stain in the pint cans. The pure liquid stain. As we were discussing the options, the gentleman who was helping me informed me that MinWax had come out with a tube of stain and when you look at the tube,  it looks like paint not stain it is indeed stain. It's called Minwax Water-Based Express Color Wiping Stain and Finish. 

I chose walnut for the color because I didn't want the oak wood color but I didn't want to dark color either. Walnut seemed to fit the discription perfectly. I wanted an average brown weathered type of look so I was hoping it worked out great. I will admit I was a little nervous to try it because the liquid stain always winds up darker then that actually picture on the can. But I purchased my items and went on my marry way to complete the job at hand. 

All you need is your wood, a dry, clean rag and the stain of course! You guys you don't even need a well ventilated area. Although I do recommend having a ventilated area in case you have a sensitivity or anybody else around you has a sensitivity to the stain. This product doesn't even have a scent to it. Unless my sniffer wasn't working at the time. 

Step One:
Make sure your board is completely cleared of debris or dust.
Step Two:
You will then apply a small amount onto the wood. A little bit goes a long way. They say this on the bottle and trust me they are serious because it really does go a long way.

Step Three:
Take your rag and you rub it in the direction you desire. I chose to do right to left because I didn't want the up-and-down streaked look.

And then you can allow it to dry. To me it dries fairly quick so you don't need to worry about touching it and getting color all over you. Although, the bottle does say to let it dry for an hour or overnight. I woke up this morning worried that the stain had set in and it wasn't the same tone but it totally was. There was no bleeding or dripping or change of tone after it soaked into the wood like most stains. I don't even have to do a second coat guys! It's the perfect tone and if you don't go out and buy this product today you're going to be lost! It is amazing and I will not will not use another stain and finish for any of my small products again. The tube is 6 fluid ounces and cost me about $7.99. It might be slightly cheaper at a Home Depot or Lowes but $7.99 isn't a bad price. 

If you wanted to use it for larger products you might have to by a couple tubes but in my opinion it would totally be worth it. 

Here is a picture of the semi-final project. This project was very quick, easy and fun especially because I found this amazing stain.

Well I hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping in. 


I was not paid by Minwax to promote or review this product. I was also not supplied the product from Minwax. I did these review on my own doing and because I wanted to share such an amazing product with all of my followers.

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