Friday, June 17, 2016

Social Media

Hey Everyone!
I logged on today to try and make a post and realized it had been a month since my last post. Time just flies by. Well hopefully, it will start to slow down and I can start to post more often.

I thought I would let all my followers know that you can follow me at more than just one location. Although, I would love for you to continue to visit my blog as frequently as possible, you can now follow me on other social media sites as well. I have listed the sites and my username for you all to follow me.

I took the plunge and actually got a twitter account. I am still learning how to run the thing but it seems like it will get exciting and if you have a twitter, I hope you will find me and follow.

username: @teeoffwitcharle

And we all of a pinterest account. Go check mine out.



And Instagram! Who doesn't love instagram. I mean really.....if you don't have an instagram you are definately missing out. It's similar to facebook without all the games, adds, millions of notifications and you only have to see the posts of people you follow. Its nice! and EASY

username: teeoffwithcharle

I hope you all will come follow me on these social media accounts. I appreciate all the love.


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