Saturday, July 16, 2016

Heading to Red Rock Country!

For those you are just now following me, let me give a brief description of our life. I am a mom of the sweetest little angel alive and wife to a golf addicted husband. My husband joined the PGA of American Apprentice program in January and I became a part time stay at home mom at the end of February. We live in a small town in central Utah. I am also currently going back to school to become a registered nurse and my husband, up until just recently, has been working for the local Sheriff's Department as a Correctional Officer for the last 5 years.


In this PGA of America program, there are multiple things you have to do to in order to become what they call a Class A Golf Professional. There is paper works, tournaments and you have to work so many hours at a golf course under a Head Golf Professional. Where we currently live, my husband was working his full time job and then working 8 to 16 hours a week at our local golf course to get started on these hours. At this rate, it would take him 5 1/2 years to complete this program. So about a month ago, I decided that I would be more supportive than I usually am and suggested to my husband that he starts applying to golf courses for a full time position. Let's face it, I didn't want him to be unhappy at a job that he didn't love. I also told him, "The golf courses aren't going to come to you, you will have to look for them." So he took it to heart and started to apply to multiple different golf jobs. He applied to a few here in Utah, a couple in Las Vegas and one in Sedona, AZ. Well the VERY next day, Sedona called him and wanted to do an interview. Out of all the courses that he applied to, we never thought Vegas or Sedona would really call but low and behold they did and they loved him. They immediately set up a Skype interview for the next week. 

Fast Forward One Week from the call. 
The Skype interview went great and was short and sweet. The job opening didn't close until June 15th so they told him that they would be in contact with him within the next week or two. Insert freak out excited/nervous/scared/sad emotions at this point. 

Fast Forward 2.5 Weeks from the Skype interview.....
We hadn't heard from them and Kelly was getting worried so he decided to shoot them an email and ask if there was anything else he needed to provided for them to make their decision. They immediately responded and asked if he could come to Sedona for a second interview. We agreed and that next week he headed down there. When he arrived, they gave him a tour of the course and talked about the plan that the head pro wanted for this position he would possibly be filling. She told him she would like to offer him the job but didn't have the money figures figured out so she would have to call him by Wednesday of the next week. Kelly agreed and the waiting game began.

Wednesday came and we didn't receive the call. Instead we received an email that asked for a few more days. Friday came and we still hadn't received the call. Kelly reached out to her and she apologized over and over and stated she would for sure have an answer by Tuesday. This waiting came sucked ha ha. Finally on Tuesday, she called and provided us with the offer. Kelly and I had sat down a few days before and discussed our budget and what we could accept and what we couldn't. So when she told him his offer he knew it would work but wanted to confide in me before saying yes. Well of course after we had sat down with our budget and knew what a great opportunity it would be, Kelly called her back and accepted the job. He will be starting the beginning of August at Oak Creek Country Club in Sedona, AZ.

We are so excited for this adventure but at the same time, we are sad to be leaving our family and friends. We have had so much support for all of this it is unbelievable. But at the same time we have had some DREAM KILLERS. It's funny that things like this bring out your true friends or show the ones who really do support you and want you to succeed in life.

But we are off to Red Rock Country and we couldn't be more excited for Kelly to be chasing his dreams. We hope you follow along our journey with this new adventure.


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