Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mainstays Avocado Slicer and Masher

Hey guess what....I'm Back.

Guys I really have to tell you about this amazing tool I found while just browsing at Walmart. Yes I know you and many others have probably already heard about it or used one but I have always totally thought they were a crock of....well you know.
Anyways, I purchased a Avocado Slicer and Masher made by Mainstays the other day when I was at Walmart. I thought I would give it a try and guess what...IT REALLY WORKS! Yes I am amazed!

I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE avocado lover and have actually not purchased avocados in the past because of the messiness they can be to eat. Well NOT ANYMORE!!!! This tool is simply AWEMAZING.

First, you slice your avocado in half and de-pit it. Then using the round slicing side and get as close to the rind as possible. Then you simple slide it in a slicing motion and WALLLA!!!!!!! The perfect slices. I didn't get the greatest pictures but it was because I was a little too excited that it actually worked.

Hope you enjoy and seriously grab your wallet and head to Walmart now to purchase this thing!

***Disclaimer*** I was not provided a discount for this item or was not provided this item at no cost. This is my fully honest review after purchasing this product at full price.


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