Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Catch up + GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy!!!!

So it's been awhile... I know.. and I am sorry....
Since the move to Arizona, life has been crazy. Between trying to get organized in our home, to jobs, to exploring the new area and meeting new people, to trying to get back to visit its been INSANE..... And we have LOVED every minute of it.
I have to admit that this move was hard on all of us. The hubs has been so crazy supportive and positive about it all that its made it a little easier.
He is enjoying his new job at Oak Creek Country Club in Sedona, AZ. If you are ever there stop in and say hi to Kelly and play a round of golf or two. They also have a restaurant at the course so you can break up your rounds with some grub.
The little and I have explored multiple parks, gone to tiny tot time at the library and have visited daddy a few times during the week. I love being home with her and seeing her grow and learn new things. But I also get that "break" every Sunday and Monday. I am currently working at the Hilton Resort Grille at Shadow Rock in Sedona. I enjoy getting out to have my social time and get to meet some pretty awesome people. Again, if your ever in the area on Sunday or Monday evening stop by and I will serve you some of our amazing and delicious food while you look at the beautiful Sedona Red Rock scenery.

Anyways.....enough about us.
I'm going to start a "GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy!." Every Tuesday, I will post some of the new things we have tried, experience and recommend. Some posts will be new things and some will be things I knew existed but now actually LOVE. I hope you will check in every Tuesday for this new event. The posts will range from vacation to crafts to home decor to D.I.Y and to appearance. ENJOY!

First and foremost, I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER been a lipstick girl nor have I have been a HUGE makeup fanatic, I do what I can with what I have at the cheapest I can find. But I have realized more than ever that you really do get what you pay for.

Have you guys heard of this AMAZING stuff. Like I said, I am not a HUGE lipstick person but have always uses a tinted lip gloss but get fed up with having to repeatedly apply it throughout the day. Well I was introduced to lipsense by the AMAZING Whitney Bigelow and I don't think I will ever turn back. Lipsense is a LONG LASTING lip stain. You apply it in the AM or whenever really but you go throughout the day brushing teeth, eating, kissing blah blah blah and guess what its still there in the PM no fading no chipping no nothing. It doesn't rub off on your napkin or his collar. :) They have so many I mean SOOOOO many colors to choose from it was hard for me. To make it shiny, they do have a gloss that you apply on top and you do have to reapply that throughout the day but after the exfoliating process, you don't have to reapply it every 30 seconds unless you eat or wipe your mouth a lot. But seriously this stuff is amazing and I highly recommend it. If you have any questions or are interested let me know and I can give you the details or direct you where to go.

BH Cosmetics.......

Most of you probably already know about these guys but I was just recently introduced. I'm not huge on makeup. I don't know how to contour or yet even use the right brush to apply my eye shadow. I am the type of girl that grabs what I think will work for the lowest price. But my girl Riley with Oh My Memories! introduced me to BH Cosmetics. They have amazing brushes for a very low price. I ordered them and literally within 5 days received my order. To be honest it makes me want to learn more about makeup because I have all the right brushes now. So go check them out I promise you will not be disappointed. I got the above set for $8.00. You can get yours here.

Next on my list is Rodan & Fields.......

As a teen and young adult I struggled with acne. I was so self conscious about my skin and used everything I possibly could to cover up as much as possible. I struggled with acne up until April of this year. I had literally tried every, Pro-Active, X-Out, Dermatologist prescribed stuff, everything you can by over the counter and NOTHING I mean NOTHING did the job. All of them got me excited for the first couple weeks and then BAM!!! never again did they help me.

I was then introduced to Rodan & Fields UnBlemish Skin Regimen. It's a 4 step regimen that has literally changed my life. I am now a consultant and would love to share these amazing products with you. We have 4 awesome regimens that work wonders for all skin types and issues. Plus we have a lot of essentials like sunscreen, sunless tanner, lip balm and most recently LASH BOOST that will help you become even more confident then ever. If you have any questions, I am your girl and I would be happy to assist you in one or more of our products. The skincare is amazing but they also have a 60 day money back empty bottle guarantee that NO ONE can beat. Contact me to get  your best skin possible and direct you to skin you don't have to cover up with makeup.

Thats all for today's....GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy!
Join me every Tuesday for the new POST.


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