Tuesday, November 29, 2016

GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy!!!

This past week has been filled with family and FOOD..... Can we all get an AMEN for the amazing Thanksgiving feast that we got to enjoy. I love the holiday season more than anything. Not just the for the wonderful smells and food but for the spirit and the time we get to spend with family. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and can't wait to share with you the upcoming holiday festivities, decor, recipes and more.

For this weeks GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy I wanted to share with you the following.....

Dollar Tree

This store is simply the best. EVERYTHING is ONLY a DOLLAR. Yes, I know most of you if not all of you know about this store but if you haven't heard or gone to one, you need to go ASAP. They have everything you need from decor to food. I have purchased multiple items for organization from the Dollar Tree.

Bath & Body Works

The store that smells delicious... They had an amazing deal going on this last weekend. It was buy 3 get 3 FREE. I seriously got 6 items for $30. Besides the great deal, you get great bath and body products to die for.

And my favorite thing we OWN....

Duraflame Fireplace. This product is amazing. My MIL(mother in law) got us one of these a few years ago for Christmas. We still have the one she purchased but we went out and bought another one. They are the best little fireplaces. They last forever and put out amazing heat. These make perfect gifts.

Well that's it for this week. Keep watching the blog, I am going to be posting recipes, decor, gifts and DIY tips for this holiday season.


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