Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year...New Me....New Start!!!

Yes, I know that I missed last weeks GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy! But like always, I have an excuse.
Anyways, I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas holiday. We were able to go to Utah to see family and I loved it. My parents drove the 2 hours to see us and open gifts with us at Kelly's parents house. It was nice and glad we were able to see everyone, even if it was only for a few hours.

Like everyone else in the world, calling in the New Year means making New Years Resolutions. I am one of those people who make a Resolution and usually never keep it. But this year, I am going to try a little harder to succeed. I have a few ideas in mind that I want to give a try. And I am going to share them on this blog and I am going to try to post about my goals, the obstacles I come across and the ones that I succeed at. I think if I make it a point to share it here with you guys, I will feel more pressure to do so and succeed. And who knows, maybe one of you are going through the same struggles and we can chat it about it and help each other.

My first goal for the New Year, like most everyone else, is to lose weight. I'm not setting an end date to reach a certain goal of weight loss, I am just making the goal to lose weight in general. I do however, have a goal weight in mind and plan on hitting it but maybe not this year but in time. I am going to set up meal plans and exercise plans to help me eat healthier and stay on task to maintain this goal. I will post meal plans, exercises, recipes and tips that have helped me or that I think might help one of you.

My second goal is to become a better me. Not just a better overall person but to become a better Charle. I want to make myself happy which in turn will help me be a better wife and mother. I am going to try and not worry so much about what other people think and do what I think is right for me and my family and that will keep me happy.

My third goal is to organize my life. I want to organize my daily schedule, my bills, my vacations, etc. I want to feel more in control of my life and not so everywhere. I love spontaneous trips or events but I want to be more organized in what I plan out and set to do each day.

And finally...Yes I have four goals this year....what's it to ya! ha ha ha.
Posting. I want to make it a goal to at least post on this blog twice a week. Once for the GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy but again either about my goals progress or something I feel I need to share with you guys. Obviously I know that life gets in the way but I want to make sure to post even if its at 1:00 A.M. in the morning while the hubs and kid sleeps.

I posted my goals here today because like I said before, I feel like having you know all this will help me stay more motivated and reliable to stay on task. So that;s my goals...let's here yours.



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