Tuesday, January 17, 2017

GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy!!!

Well Hello There! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday so far.

Today's post might be short and sweet. I worked graveyard last night and am trying to get a nap when the little one goes down so time is of the essence.


Most of you know may know about E.L.F (Eyes, Lips, Face) makeup When they first started, they were an inexpensive makeup company. If I remember right most of their products were only $1.00. However, they have enhanced their products and like everything the prices have gone up but they are still an affordable product that has excellent coverage. Lately, I have been wanting to learn to contour but didn't want to have to spend an arm and a leg on product to end up wasting it because I decided not to contour. So when I found E.L.F's contour palette for only $6.00 I knew I had to purchase it. After watching YouTube videos on how to contour I gave it a try and it worked very well. In fact, the video I watched was for the E.L.F Palette itself and the lady who created the video, said the this palette compared to the expensive brands just as good. So if you are interested in learning to contour or if you already do and are sick of spending a ton of money on palette's, go check out E.L.F. You can find their products in the makeup aisle at Walmart and Target.

Bailey's Blossoms

For you moms out there that are always trying good quality and inexpensive clothing for your kiddos, look no more. Bailey's Blossoms has adorable clothes that are inexpensive and really great quality. We are currently in love with all their rompers. When you have a little girl and you love to shop, you have to find the inexpensive items and Bailey's Blossoms is that spot. They are seriously the cutest clothes at prices that do not hurt your wallet. Check them out HERE. You can even download their FREE app if you have an Android or iPhone.

Well the little one is ready for a nap so I am going to have to cut today's post short. I apologize for this but promise I will try to share 4 new things next week.

Have a great TUESDAY!


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