Tuesday, January 31, 2017

GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have had a great start to your week. The past few days have been a blurr. I have worked the last two nights, graveyard shifts that is. I am slowly getting used it but it's taken a hit on me that is for sure. Anyways, onto this weeks got to love it post.....


If you already know about this company then you know how great it is. I just found out about this company last week when I decided I wanted to clean out my closet. This company allows you to sell your unwanted, in style clothes through them. You can even order a bag, fill it up and ship it back. They go through the articles of clothing and decide if it can be sold and for how much. Then they pay you for that item and then turn around and sell it to someone else. This is simply amazing. What they don't think will sell, will be donated. This takes the hassle of having to run everything to the D.I./Goodwill and also pays you to clean out your closet. I just got my bag and will be cleaning out my closet this week. SUPER EXCITED....You can check them out here if your interested.

Safety 1st Grow N' Go 3-in-1 Car Seat

Awhile back I was shopping for some 3 in 1 car seats for my little girl. I literally read millions of reviews and safety guidelines for a number of different kinds of Car Seats. I seriously had anxiety over the dang thing. I finally found one that I really liked and took the plunge. We purchased the Safety 1st Grow N' Go 3-in-1 Car Seat because it had good reviews and safety guidelines. Of course, like everything, there were some Debbie downers that had be doubting my decision but after the Car Seat arrived and we got it installed, I couldn't be more happy about my decision. Its cute, comfortable, affordable and fits snug and perfect. Better yet, this car seat will last us until we need a booster so it saves me money in the long run. If you are on the lookout for a new car seat, I highly recommend this car seat. There are a lot of places to purchase this seat but we got ours here.

Ipsy Bag

I am sure most of you ladies out there have already heard of or currently are receiving a monthly Ipsy bag but if you aren't you should seriously check them out. This is coming from someone who isn't too knowledgeable on hair products, makeup products, nail products or anything to care for those things. I have been the type of person to try any and everything and if it works I keep using it if not I try something else. Well.... when you sign up with Ipsy, you pay $10/month and on or around the 15th of each month, you get a cute little bag with roughly 5 or 6 full size or sample size items to try for your hair, face, body, nails, etc. I have found some amazing products through this monthly gift plus it's always fun to get something mysterious and try it out. Your missing out if you aren't receiving one of these. Go sign up for yours here....

Well that's all I have for this weeks GoT tO lOvE iT tUeSdAy. I hope you have a wonderful week.


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